In my mind Black and White is the original and purest style of photography.
For many years I spent long hours in my darkroom printing my negatives onto photographic paper and watching in awe as the image developed in the dish of chemicals. In this digital age the process is still as magical as ever, but far less messy.
  1. Marc Chagall cemetery, St Paul de Vance, France.
    Cemetery in St Paul de Vence, burial place of the artist Marc Chagall.
  2. Henry Moore Sculpture, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Yorkshire, England.
    Reclining Figure by Henry Moore, Yorkshire Sculpture Park
  3. Museum of Contemporary Art, Nice, France.
    Roof of the Museum of Contemporary & Modern Art, Nice, France.
  4. Managing Director
    Metal Sculpture of a man, St Paul de Vence, South of France.
  5. Oakworth Railway Station, Worth Valley Railway, Yorkshire, England.
    Back in Time, a view of Oakworth Station, Worth Valley, Yorkshire.
  6. Nigel Hall Artwork, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Yorkshire, England.
    Crossing. An artwork by Nigel Hall, Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
  7. Bicyles, Copenhagen, Denmark.
    Bicycles lined up outside a shop in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  8. Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany.
    Looking through the remains of the Berlin Wall from East to West
  9. Managing Director
    Rows of chairs awaiting an audience.
  10. Bugatti racing car steering wheel.
    Steering Wheel on Vintage Bugatti sports car
  11. Jaguar Sports Car wheel.
    Wire Wheel from 1950's Jaguar Sports Car
  12. Blackfriars Bridge, London, England.
    Beneath Blackfriars Railway Bridge, London, England.
  13. Bordeaux Wine House, France.
    Vineyard in the Bordeaux region of France
  14. War Memorial, Unter Den Linden, Berlin, Germany.
    Memorial to the victims of torture, Unter Den Linden, Berlin, Germany.
  15. Manhattan Skyline from 86th floor of Empire State Building, NYC.